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Simply Pure Water, Coffee or Ice...Without the Waste

Quality Water’s “BottleLess” coolers purify the water that’s already in your office, warehouse, gym or home. You simply get pure water – instant hot or cold. Our customers don’t incur the incredibly high cost – both financial and environmental – of bottled water.  Also, they don’t ever have to carry heavy bottles.

But, we do things differently at Quality Water. We make it simple:

So, please read on – or, if you’re ready to save money, time, the environment and your health, click on the Shop Now button.

Why Go BotteLess?


No More Dealing With Bottles

No risk of injury from those heavy water bottles.  Also, free up that storage!


Save 20 Million Barrels Of Oil

The Bottled water industry uses over 20 million barrels of oil...Every year.


Save more Money in 2021

Help your 2020 Budget.  Customers typically save 60% the first year and 90% every year there after going BotteLess.

Learn More About Our Popular Programs

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BotteLess Water

Infinite water filtered to eliminate unhealthy lead, cysts and other contaminates without the hassle of bottles.

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Enjoy coffee house flavor at home or in your office while saving money and the environment.

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Take our delicious filtered water to the next level with our reliable line of ice makers.

Great Water Begins With Great Filters!

We strive for excellence in everything we do here at Quality Water. Our dispensers have been tried, tested and approved by the world’s top standards bodies so you have complete confidence in our products.




The Energy Star mark is awarded to products that prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Our filtration is strictly NSF/ANSI 42 Class A and 53 certified, the standards used for microbiological water purifiers. This guarantees certified quality and integrity.


Energy Star Certified

ANSI & NSF Certified



The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme in the UK tests for water quality and makes sure water dispenser materials and components meet rigorous safety requirements around waste prevention.


Bisphenol-A Free

Every Quality Water dispenser is free from Bisphenol-A, a chemical widely used in plastic products that has been linked to a variety of serious health problems, including cancerous tumours.

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